Android App Development

Android has over 2 billion monthly active users making it the most popular mobile operating system in the world. In order to tap into this huge active user base you would need to design and build an Android app.

Your application would be a channel for your user to be able to access all your services via their mobile phones. The combination of data and business analytics provides a more personalized and captivating experience which was never possible before.

With several apps and over a million downloads under our belt, we can confidently say that we have an excellent team that understands customer needs and how to build appealing mobile apps. The journey start with understanding your business needs and together we go through our Agile UX process to deliver storyboard and wire-frames – the skeleton of the App. After that our design team starts working on the high fidelity design bringing color to the skeleton. Once the design is finalized we go into the development phase where you get to see the complete app in working. After verification the app is uploaded to the Google play store and monitored. Using analytics and feedback from user we either improve existing feature or build new ones to achieve the goal of the company.