Web Application and Software

IT and Security

Database Systems & Applications

Databases are one of the core components of any IT solution today. Evamp & Saanga have been successfully offering Database services for since 2001 on Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB and Cassandra

Our Database Services include:

  • Database design
  • 7 days a week x 24 hours a day x 365 days a year Support
  • Installation, upgrades and configuration
  • Daily, proactive monitoring and administration using Enterprise Manager, Grid Control and NOC monitoring toolsets
  • Fast, efficient response to database events
  • Backup and recovery planning
  • High Availability
  • Geo Redundancy
  • Disaster recovery analysis and testing
  • Database performance monitoring and tuning
  • SQL tuning analysis
  • Space management and capacity planning
  • Security administration and maintenance
  • Object creation and management
  • Highly available architecture design and implementation
  • MySQL active/passive high availability cluster
  • MySQL multi node high availability cluster

Maintenance & Support

We offer responsive web site update services on demand. Our flexibility enables you to maximize the productivity of your staff without a huge investment in in-house web experts. Maintenance services can be provided whether you host with Evamp & Saanga, host elsewhere, or maintain your own server.

Our team can work hand-in-hand with your people to provide back-up coverage, deeper technical expertise, workload balancing, or we can handle the entire content-update process on your behalf.

Listed below are examples of the various services that can be included in a managed-care program.

  • Web site updates
  • Database updates
  • Link validation
  • HTML validation
  • Dead page removal
  • Web site activity statistics
  • Analysis of statistical reports
  • Search engine optimization
  • NMS Monitoring
  • Level-1 24/7 Monitoring and support
  • Linux/Windows administration
  • Xen Virtual servers solution

Fast, accurate turnaround is our specialty!

Hosting Features

In today’s world of high speed internet access it is essential to ensure your website is online when your customers need it. We know too well the disappointment experienced when a site required for urgent information or a purchase is down. Our professional hosting packages are run on the same backbone connection as our dedicated servers and receive the same high level of customer service and support.

  • Cpanel
  • WHM
  • Email server administration
  • Mod security

Domain Registration

We search across multiple registrar databases to give you registration information on millions of domain names with many different extensions, regardless of where they are registered.

IT Infrastructure & Network

In today’s world of Information Technology, IT infrastructure has become an integral part of every business. Industrial systems are interconnected and offices have gone paperless. Evamp & Saanga is a dependable IT solutions provider. Following are few services provided.

  • Cisco router & Switches setup
  • Ruckus wireless solution
  • HP c7000 blade enclosure configuration & assembling
  • Kemp load master configurations
  • HP NAS configurations
  • IPsec site to site VPN
  • NMS Monitoring (Nagios)
  • Virtualization (Xen Server & Open Stack)
  • ITIL approved ticketing system (iTOP)
  • PBAX exchange & configurations